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    • (Be in the best shape of your life)

    • Let us push you to the limit

    • Increase core stabilization, endurance, strength, speed AND power

    • Improve joint mobility

    • Great for sports specific or general cross-fitness

    • Enjoy learning tons of new exercises!

    Starting at $700 

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    This program is what put BodySmith Personal Training on the map. All of our clients keep coming back for a workout intensity level and fun factor that cannot be achieved going solo. The "Fitness Focus" plan runs through core stabilization and weight training basics but quickly advances to heavy lifting and dynamic metabolic condition. We put more emphasis on effort, consistency, and measuring fitness metrics (strength, flexibility, speed) vs. stepping on the scale every day. If you like having new exercises and challenges thrown at you regularly, you will love this program....


    • (Looking to lose over 10 lbs.)

    • Lose fat rapidly... safely

    • Increase mood and metabolism

    • Make healthy living a lifestyle

    • Move better and prevent injuries

    • Gain accountability

    • Nutrition Plan Included!

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    Our new intensive "Weight Loss" program kicks off in August! ...


    • (Looking to lose under 10 lbs.)

    • Lower body fat

    • Increase your workout intensity

    • Develop better muscle tone

    • Learn advanced core exercises

    • Have fun working out again

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    Our new "Lean and Tone" program kicks off in August!...


    • (Looking to build muscle)

    • Increase lean muscle mass

    • Cut body fat

    • Make big gains in the weight room

    • Boost your energy levels and confidence

    • Improve your technique and workouts

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    Our new "Get Ripped" program kicks off in August!...