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Madison Hawks

Madison2Skills and Credentials

B.A. Sports and Fitness Management – College of Idaho

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Over 4 years past experience working in the fitness industry, including positions with the YMCA,, and 24 Hour Fitness.

NGA Bikini Competitor

“I think posture, technique, and safety are vital for success with resistance training. My philosophy is to make logical progressions over time, starting with proper core engagement and fundamental lifts, then transitioning into heavier loads and more advanced, complex movements.”



Wanna know a little more about me…

1My Fight

Growing up I was faced with a myriad of health issues beginning with acid reflux and ear infections as an infant. Once those were managed, the struggle continued on with allergies (food/environmental/chemical), breathing issues, migraines, ADD/ADHD, extreme gluten, and soy intolerances, and last but not least intestinal hyper-permeability that includes a list of countless unrelated symptoms in itself. This was the hand I was dealt.

2Turning Point

I was always active but in 2007, after years of gymnastics, cheerleading, and other various sports, a host of injuries and illness forced me to explore new passions and re-evaluate my lifestyle. I quickly realized that I had to be more conscious of what I was eating to manage my health issues, as well as figure out how to stay active through different channels. That’s when I discovered my passion for the gym. What can I say? I like to pick up and put down heavy objects!

3My Education

I took the science behind exercise and nutrition seriously and made the decision to pursue my Bachelors Degree in Sports & Fitness Management to become an expert. By 2011, I was in the best shape of my life; applying many of the principles I had learned. I even participated in a fitness competition to get more practical experience and challenge myself. Getting competition ready felt great but that feeling was only temporary. I was living off of protein shakes, frozen vegetables, and chicken and it was not sustainable. I had to once again dig deeper, take my education into my own hands and change my approach to foster something more balanced, moderate and lasting.

4My Calling

I believe that I have now developed a successful strategy for managing my health through proper nutrition and exercise interventions. Finding my own fitness path through both the highs and lows is what solidified my desire to want to help others achieve optimal well-being within every aspect of health. I believe we all need the right guidance, motivation, and accountability to be successful in life. My contribution is through personalized fitness coaching and sharing what has served me well. After I completed my Bachelors Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, I became a nationally accredited certified personal trainer and have been helping people ever since. More recently, I have teamed up with Scott Smith at BodySmith Personal Training with the goal of contributing my skill set to one of the best personalized fitness system developed and offered right here in Kansas City!