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Kent Masters

Fitness Background

Beginning in high school sports and holding true still today, I’ve always acknowledged and honored the way that exercise has positively affected both my performance in sport as well as my overall happiness off the field. At about 16 years old, I began taking a real interest in all types of training styles, from “5 day strength splits” to “HIIT cardio” to “steady-state aerobics.” I knew early on that I had the passion and drive to not only continue my fitness journey, but also share my successful methods with others.

Seven years later, I am now coaching athletes out of CrossFit on 18th in the Crossroads District of Downtown KC. Additionally, I have obtained the “USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach” and “Crossfit Level 1 Trainer” credentials to bolster my coaching abilities for athletes and clients who show an interest and capacity for more advanced movements at higher speeds. And while I cut my teeth as a group instructor, I now offer one-on-one coaching at BodySmith Personal Training for anyone with a genuine interest in improving their overall fitness levels.

My objective with each and every client is to create both a unique and stimulating session that could very well be the highlight of their respective day. As for my ultimate goal (regarding why I entered the fitness industry in the first place) … to make a positive impact on my client’s wellbeing while helping them not only achieve their goals, but also embrace exercise as a necessary yet fun way of life.